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The CARMEN Braided Carbon Fiber Bow

Carbon fiber composes some of the world’s most robust, yet delicate products of our human civilization. Bold enough to stop a bullet, but light enough to be made into musical instruments, the fiber used in CARMEN is real, not just a sticker like the cheap imitators out there. And it’s braided red and black — the ultimate in style and stability. This is the Rolls Royce of the bow industry.


  • Solid core carbon fiber composition
  • Silver plated winding
  • Custom red & black braided stick
  • Nickel silver tip
  • Three-part button with matching abalone eye
  • Custom flamed abalone pearl slide and nickel silver signature
  • Custom fully-lined ebony frog
  • Monogrammed ferrule
  • Premium plush grip
  • Premium Stallion horsehair

A bow should be so much more than a classic relic. It should possess a certain je ne sais quoi -- a flair for style, a personality. A name. It should be supple and responsive, but bold and resolute. It should sing like a swan, but still prevail in a stand-partner fencing match.

The bow has just been reborn. Introducing: TPG Sharp Bows

Designed, tested, and endorsed by Steven Sharp Nelson, billion-views superstar cellist of The Piano Guys.

Each bow possesses three exclusive elements not found in any other bow on the world’s stage:

Patented materials made from the same stuff race cars are crafted. Consistency in composition that promises reliable, clear tone well-suited for performances in genre. Plus, strict attention to detail -- each of the bow’s components will stay strong, guaranteed for life.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these bows from their appointed rounds. Water-resistant and humidity-resilient. Ready for any condition and ready to withstand concerto-grosso use for the long life of your musical career. All this, plus the balance and weight will astound you -- each tuned to perfection so that the bow is an extension of your soul.

Panache like no other. Features and colors that can accompany your personality and closet-diva tendencies. Plus, each bow has a name inspired by Steven Sharp Nelson’s cello collection, lending identity and meaning to the bow’s lifespan.

TPG Sharp Bows are at the level of quality and responsiveness of a fine wooden bow, but with much more durability and consistency at far less cost.

All TPG Sharp bows are orchestrated by a LIFETIME WARRANTY . If anything goes wrong with the fundamental composition of the bow we’ll fix or replace it for you!

Audition a bow today! Don’t like its performance? Send it back and we’ll refund the cost of your admission.