Sweet Child O' Mine

Story Behind the Music:

As you know, we love to reimagine iconic tunes. What musical “hook” is more recognizable than the opening guitar lick of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”? But go deep into your psyche and imagine what this legendary rock tune would have sounded like if it had been instead written by an emotional father of a bride for her walk down the aisle? Did we get it right? 😌👰🏼


We hope you can hear the bell chimes, the awe-inspired intake of breath, the heartfelt emotion, the heaviness of “losing a daughter” overcome by the buoyancy of “gaining a son;” the collective moments leading up to this life event; the hopes, the dreams, all underscored by the overarching joy of witnessing the opening of a beautiful new chapter. How does a father put into words this moment, when his daughter is flying away in order to fulfill what she is meant to become? Where words fail, music speaks. Our nickname for this special take is, “Sweet Child Divine.”


🎹 About the Piano: The very special piano used in this video, called the Yamaha Pro2000, was introduced to the piano industry by Phillip Keveren and Craig Knudsen on behalf of Yamaha at the NAMM Show in the year 2000. Only a handful were ever made, with one of them ending up in the Smithsonian. This piano featured a split plexiglass lid that was the original “big brother” to the Yamaha “Neo” featured in so many other TPG album covers and videos (What Makes You Beautiful, Bourne Vivaldi etc.) over the years. Master Piano builder/technician (and Kurt Russell look-alike) Justin Elliot wrapped it in a very special reflective chrome for this “chilled out” look. Exact Piano Location: 37.823500, -114.412676


🎻 About the Cello: Steve is playing the ONLY TITANIUM CELLO in the world. “Athena Titania'' was designed and handcrafted for Steven by the incomparable Andy Halbert. Andy spent 270 hours perfecting Athena, literally shaping her in the refiner’s fire in order for her to become what she was destined to become. Andy would like to specifically thank Robin Ankrom, his elementary school teacher, who he reports is a Piano Guys fan. 😄 Exact Cello Location: 37.823466, -114.412684

Sold out

Sold out