Can't Stop The Feeling

Dance Like Nobody's Watching - Can't Stop The Feeling

We were so stoked to hold the first copy of our new album, UNCHARTED, that we immediately had to go see how people would react to it. We hope you enjoy the video!

We’ve titled our sixth album with Sony “UNCHARTED” for several reasons. First, we’ve now ventured deeper into “uncharted” territory than we could have ever dreamed of traversing. We’ve been more places, met more people, and had more opportunities than we could have imagined possible. We feel blessed to have been supported, even guided in this journey by so many people that have given us the purpose behind pushing through the underbrush. Second, we feel like our music isn’t limited to a specific genre or “chart” — we hope it transcends conventional classification and instead reaches beyond boundaries, finding audiences from all walks of life that want positive content and fresh takes on old and new music. Third, it is actually very difficult to accurately “chart” our music into sheet music since it features so many unprecedented and untranscribable sounds. In this sense we are playing off the chart, so to speak. And lastly, two of the tunes on the album feature two more locations that further fulfill our Wonders of the World quest, Chichen Itza and Petra — both of which are considered two of the greatest “uncharted” archeological finds in history! Combine all of these elements with more of our signature fusion of film score, classical music, pop and original music, our first vocal single, and even more groundbreaking textures and sounds, we believe this to be our best record yet. We can’t wait for people to hear it!

Fun facts about the album: 

“UNCHARTED” is the SIXTH album The Piano Guys have released since signing with Sony in 2012

7 of the tracks on “UNCHARTED” are brand new, never-heard-before tunes.

“UNCHARTED” includes a dream-come-true collaboration with the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Hans Zimmer — world renowned film score composer. He wrote an arrangement for TPG of several themes from his soundtrack, “Pirates of the Caribbean”

“UNCHARTED” includes The Piano Guys very first vocal single, entitled “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” featuring the vocal skills of TPG’s music producer Al van der Beek

There is no kazoo on this album

Two songs on “UNCHARTED” are the continuation of TPG’s Wonders of the World Quest — Themes from Jungle Book performed in front of Chichen Itza, Mexico and themes from Indiana Jones performed in front of Petra, Jordan.

“UNCHARTED” features several pop/classical mash-ups, including Adele’s “Hello” combined with Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” and Rachel Platten’s Fight Song woven into Amazing Grace

Despite its title, “UNCHARTED” is already slated to be among the worldwide top ten Billboard albums when it is released on October 28th.

The deluxe edition of “UNCHARTED” includes NINE music videos as well exclusive Behind the Scenes content.

One of the music videos on “UNCHARTED,” “Fight Song / Amazing Grace” was filmed with a pipe and drum band in front of the world famous Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, where countless blockbuster movies have been filmed.

If you look close, on the cover of “UNCHARTED,” you’ll see Paul has a very mischievous “assistant” “monkeying around” with the drone.


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