Over A Thousand People Came Together To Break a Record - Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Largest Live Nativity World Record: 1039 people

CAST- MUSICIANS: Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

CHRISTMAS YOUTUBER/FAMILY GATHERING: Peter Hollens, Evynne Hollens, Ashland Hollens, David Archuleta, Shay Carl, Shaytards, Mommytard, Alex Boyé, Jeremy Warner (Studio C), Stuart Edge, Devin Graham, The McKnights (Mindy, Shaun, Kamri, Rylan, Daxton, Paisley, Brooklyn & Bailey McKnight) Kid History The Piano Guys (Steven Sharp Nelson & family, Paul Anderson & family, Al van der Beek & family)

LIVE NATIVITY: Mary: Flo Donelli Joseph: Andrew Jueidi Baby Jesus: Hudson Scott Shepherds: Stuart Edge, Peter Hollens, Jeremy Warner, Natalie Madsen Wisemen: Shay Carl, Alex Boyé, Richard Sharrah

All angels in the final nativity formation are real, NOT computer generated. No angels were added or subtracted.