Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars (Piano/Cello Cover)

Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars (Piano/Cello Cover)

We'd like to thank the Bell Tower for letting us use their facility to film. They went way beyond in helping us achieve the setting we were looking for. This is a great place to have a wedding, dinner, or dance. Go check out their website here:

WEBSITE: http://belltowercourtyard.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BellTowerCou...

The BellTower 1368 East 100 South St. George, Utah

Phone: 435-673-6875 Email: info@dixiewedding.com

A special thanks to Bloomers http://www.bybloomers.com/ for the beautiful flowers they put together just for the shoot.

Also a huge Thank You to Forever More Events http://www.forevermoreevents.com/ for the use of the chair covers.

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Story behind the song:

As always our subscribers give us the best song suggestions. we think "Just the Way You Are" is one of those melodies that only comes along every once in a while. The word 'love' is tossed around alot today. This arrangement goes out to anyone that feels something so deeply for someone that words can't even begin to describe. Jon says, "I tried to represent the song lyrics which match how I feel about my wife to a tee. The way I feel about her affected the musical arrangement big time. It shows that 'amazing' girl how I feel about her (after 20 plus years of marriage.)" We hope everyone can relate. We hope everyone hears the very deepest side of what they feel for someone when they listen to this song.

Funny moments to look for: Jon's death bed, pause at 04:00