Darth Maul, Coronavirus and the Power of Music

Darth Maul, Coronavirus and the Power of Music

Music is powerful.

Maybe you’ve heard that before. But do you believe it?

Perhaps you’ve had a moment in your life when just the right song played at just the right time?

Or could it be that you’ve had the experience of seeing a traffic light turn yellow in the distance and, depending on what music is playing in your car, you either GUN it or slowly depress the brake ever so slightly, coming to a pleasant stop.

Your stereo’s soundtrack, whether you knew it or not, could have influenced you to drive like a fast and furious megastar or a pacifist paleo yoga instructor. 

How powerful is music?

I could throw charts at you -- cite all kinds of scientific studies that show the profound effect music has on your brain, on your mood, on the way your body feels. And heals.

Or I could just show you.

Watch this epic clip from a well-known movie you’ve likely seen before.


Intense, right? No doubt greatly enhanced, or even brought to life, by John Williams’ masterful music underscoring the action. Whether you knew it or not.

Now watch THIS.


Did I catch you off guard?

Hope I did.

In fact, I hope you had a good laugh.

So what changed?


Except for the music.

With a little flip of the soundtrack switch, all a sudden Darth Maul goes from sith lord to circus clown. 

So what does this have to do with this crazy coronavirus threatening the world?

A whole lot.

Think of it. Your mind and your spirit make up your soul. And your soul needs sustenance just like your body needs food.

So what do you feed your soul?

Whatever you feed it connects to your body’s health, your state of mind, and your general well being. Your stress level affects your immune system which affects your health. Your mood affects your mind which affects your resilience.

It's all connected.

And one of the EASIEST ways to improve your general well being is listening to the right music at the right time.


There’s a time and place for just about any kind of music.

I’m an avid proponent of variety -- especially when it comes to culture, but think of music as food. If you need a sugar rush, you could go for that type of music -- loud, frenetic, sometimes laced with dubious messages, but watch out for the crash.

If you need a “protein” hit for exercise there’s lots of music that would fit.

But if you’re feeling anxious, worried, drained or depleted, go for holistically nutritious music -- whatever that is for you.

It might be very different from someone else’s tastes. Just be mindful of your state of mind and what you may need deep down.

YOU are the DJ of your soul. Whatever you spin turns your world round.

As you listen to the radio or whatever Alexa or Siri has “up next” for you, ask yourself which way the music turns you -- upwards or downwards.

Maybe it’s time YOU take control of the turntable, build your OWN playlists, and decide when and how to change things upward.

It could be simple.

This morning, as I entered my home after exercising, my 9-yr-old son was listening to some fast-paced “club” music courtesy of Alexa. I instantly felt on edge and felt my desire to “be still” slip into unstilled.

I asked him if we could change the music. He did, bless his heart, and the feeling in the room, even our entire home, changed. We had a cool moment recognizing that together.

It was like we just told a little Darth “anxiety” Maul, who was trying to saber his way into our safe place, to go back to Mustafar.

We forced him out.

Get it?

Let’s hope so.

You are ALSO the DJ of the environment around you 

Your car, your workplace, your home.

Music is an inward AND outward medium.

My wife and I have discovered that whatever “soundtrack” we spin in the morning throughout our house can significantly affect the flow of the whole day.

Especially now that involuntary homeschool is in session!

Try it.

It works.

It’s powerful

And if you’re personally feeling “sith-level” threats to your sense of peace, that you need “new hope,” or you “have a bad feeling about [all] this” stuff going on around you, change your soundtrack.

Your life these last couple weeks certainly hasn’t been “same old same old.” Your music shouldn’t be. Because whatever you spin turns your world round.

May the forte be with you. 😉


Steven # Nelson

The Piano Guys


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