We Crashed A Russian Wedding in Berlin!

We Crashed A Russian Wedding in Berlin!

The Piano Guys Vlog - June 19, 2019

-Steve: I think we should go find that wedding, where they used A Thousand Years.

-Al: I’ve never crashed a wedding party, so I don’t know. My goal is to eat some wedding cake. You propose to make a toast.

-Steve: You’ve got to look like, when you’re crashing, as if I’m an expert. I’ve never crashed a wedding. You’ve got to look like you know what you’re doing.

-Al: I need to get food as my goal. This is where the food serving is. *(Al eating wedding cake)

-Steve: We just found out this is a Russian wedding in Berlin. Now I’m going to go congratulate the bride and русский (Russkiy).

*(Jon dancing)*

*(TPG Wedding Crashers)*