TPG Ringtones
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Get your favorite TPG Ringtones individually* at $.99 each, or purchase TPG RingTones in bundles (for iPhone or Android) and save up to 50%!  Individual TPG RingTones are in ".m4r" audio file format for compatibility with Apple iPhone.  (Please note: Due to restrictions of Apple's iOS for iPhone, TPG RingTones must be downloaded to your computer and copied to your iPhone/iPad through iTunes to be used on your mobile device.  It is not possible to download and install the TPG RingTones on your mobile device directly.) Android users for a single TPG RingTone:*(Download your single TPG RingTone to your computer.  Change the TPG RingTone file suffix from ".m4r" to ".m4a" and then copy the ".m4a" TPG RingTone to your Android phone). Each TPG Ringtone is 30 seconds long and includes some of our favorite clips from the our songs that you know and love.  Buy individual TPG Ringtones or get a Bundle for a great discounted price.