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The sound of a fine wooden bow.

The strength of carbon fiber.

The style of a Ferrari.

Guaranteed for life.


It’s time to take your performance to the next level.


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"I bought the BRUCE bow and it's just WOW! I have been playing a 1200 bow. The TPG Sharp Bow is so much easier to play fiddle with. I had the 1200 custom made and it's real pernambuco but it has hindered my speed. I have played the TPG Sharp Bow for a few days and I love it! I want a ZIGGY now 😁🎻"

- John F.

"The sound is REALLY good and the green hair (LUKE) matches my green electric violin."

- (verified purchase review)

"I am very impressed with the CARMEN bow. It’s very similar in feel and handling to my fine pernambuco bow. I’ve been recommending TPG Sharp Bows to all my violin students! Thank you for such a fantastic bow."

- (verified purchase review)

"My new LUKE TPG Sharp Bow matches my peacock fiddle so well. It was a great addition for fiddling on St. Patrick's Day. I love the weight and balance."

- (verified purchase review)

"I like the way it tracks; it compares favorably with my "water violet" bow."

- (verified purchase review)

"I LOVE this bow! I was playing on and off for many years, but when I got my TPG Sharp Bow I started playing with a passion that I’d never had before and now I’ll never stop playing again! I could definitely tell the difference between my TPG Sharp Bow and my old bow. THANK YOU!

- (verified purchase review)

"This TPG Sharp Bow is just plain AWESOME!!!!"

- (verified purchase review)

"My TPG Sharp Bow is really great, and I definitely recommend it. It brings out the rich tone of my cello, and seems to squeak much less than with my other bow."

- (verified purchase review)

"I received a TPG Sharp Bow for my birthday and within two weeks I had a performance with my college orchestra. I used my ZIGGY for the concert, and I plan on using it for every concert from now on! I absolutely love my ZIGGY TPG Sharp Bow and I love that it stands out from all others in my orchestra!"

- (verified purchase review)

"I really enjoy my TPG Sharp Bow! I have a nice JonPaul Avanti and an expensive pernambuco bow that I use with my good cello. However, I bought the CARMEN to use with my carbon fiber cello and I love the way it plays and feels. It is very comfortable in my hand. I paid much more for my Avanti and I feel like your bow is the same playing wise but more comfortable to play. Overall I’m very pleased!

- (verified purchase review)

A bow should be so much more than a classic relic. It should possess a certain je ne sais quoi -- a flair for style, a personality.

A name.  

It should be supple and responsive, but bold and resolute. It should sing like a swan, but still prevail in a stand-partner fencing match.

The bow has just been reborn.  Introducing: TPG Sharp Bows

Designed, tested, and endorsed by Steven Sharp Nelson, billion-views superstar cellist of The Piano Guys.


Each bow possesses three exclusive elements not found in any other bow on the world’s stage:



Patented materials made from the same stuff race cars are crafted. Consistency in composition that promises reliable, clear tone well-suited for performances in genre. Plus, strict attention to detail -- each of the bow’s components will stay strong, guaranteed for life.



Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these bows from their appointed rounds. Water-resistant and humidity-resilient. Ready for any condition and ready to withstand concerto-grosso use for the long life of your musical career. All this, plus the balance and weight will astound you -- each tuned to perfection so that the bow is an extension of your soul.



Panache like no other. Features and colors that can accompany your personality and closet-diva tendencies. Plus, each bow has a name inspired by Steven Sharp Nelson’s cello collection, lending identity and meaning to the bow’s lifespan.


TPG Sharp Bows are at the level of quality and responsiveness of a fine wooden bow, but with much more durability and consistency at far less cost.


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