Paul Anderson

Producer/ Videographer

Paul Anderson was born in Blythe, California. He moved with his family to St. George, Utah when he was around 12. Paul had traditional piano lessons as a child, but quit as a teenager (at the time he thought it wasn’t “cool”). After being voted "Most Shy" at his high school, he traveled to Seattle, Washington to serve a proselyting mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two years. While serving, Paul had his first experience with a digital piano and all of the different sounds it could create. This opened up a new world for him and he found a new love for the keyboard.

After his spiritual journey, Paul worked for Crystal Springs Water delivering product. His route included a Yamaha Piano Dealership in St. George. One day after delivering water there, Paul started playing around on the Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano. A customer walked in and asked what he was playing. Paul proceeded to show the customer all the cool stuff the Clavinova could do and ended up selling him on it. The manager was so impressed by Paul’s enthusiasm for the product that he offered him a sales job at the store. Coincidentally, a secret crush of Paul’s worked at a store in the same mall. He readily accepted the proffered position. Tracy (his crush) and Paul dated for three months when he asked her to marry him. She suggested that they try holding hands first before jumping into that sort of commitment. They married over a year later in 1995. Thanks to Tracy, they now have four attractive intelligent, talented children.