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Why Join the Living Room?

We created the Living Room because we wanted a place where we could interact and form deeper connections with you. By joining the Living Room you get exclusive access to The Piano Guys!

New Living Room Features:

  - All your TPG bonuses and exclusive benefits in ONE place under ONE login

  - Membership in a new Private Facebook Group for Living Room Members Only where the four of us will be able to live chat, throw out opinion polls, respond to your comments, and       so much more!

  - BONUS: FREE VIP Soundcheck Pass

Normally $120 NOW just $99
for the whole year!

Private Facebook Community

FREE VIP Soundcheck Pass
(Annual Memberships Only)

Early Access To Videos

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More Simplicity. More Connectivity. More Tomfoolery!

Finally! A place to actually interact!


When we built the Living Room, we meant for it to be a place of interaction with you. That’s why we’ve ADDED this new feature: A private Facebook Group for Living Room Members only! We want a place where each of the four of us as individuals can interact with each of you on a more personal level and build real connections. This Facebook group will offer us the ability to live chat, throw out opinion polls, respond to your comments, and so much more.

VIP Soundcheck Access

The Living Room is all about connecting with you.

We love connecting with you in person - and the more, the better! As part of this Living Room remodel, Annual Members will receive an exclusive code that allows them to select a VIP Soundcheck Pass to a concert for FREE. And there’s no expiration. Use it wherever you like, whenever you like. We’ll see YOU in Soundcheck!

"Okay...I'm not in the bat cave, I'm in HEAVEN! Thanks Guys! You never ever fail your fans, and we Love you for it!!"

Diane Wiley

"This was awesome :) Exactly the kind of content I signed up for. Thank you guys!!"

Rayden Vaughan Montes

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