I Saw Three Ships

‘Twas a few nights before Christmas and all through the street,
Not a creature was stirring except this piano geek;
The lights were all hung on the houses with care,
In hopes that Jon wouldn’t play piano there;

The people were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of cello music danced in their heads;
And Paul in his t-shirt and Al in his boots
Had just settled down for an all night video shoot.

When out in the street arose such a clatter,
People sprang from their beds to see what was the matter
Out the windows they watched, their phones they unlocked
Was this a dream or should they call the cops?

Jon sprang from his bench, running fast as he could,
As the neighborhood dogs barked (just as they should);
But we heard him exclaim, ere he ran out of sight,


This was really filmed in the middle of the night, as you may have guessed.
500,000 Christmas lights “starred” in this display (that’s a half-million, people!!)
4,900 digital channels were utilized to ensure that the entire spectrum of the piano’s keyboard was featured brilliantly.
46,000 watts of juice were pumped to electrify this pizazz!
A camera attached to a drone served as the primary angle to capture the captivating Christmas Spirit of these festive homes.
The piano was actually being played.
The police actually did show up. For real. (We’d like to thank them for their kindness and mercy. 🙂
No pianists were harmed or jailed in the making of this video…yet.

About the arrangement:

“I Saw 3 Ships is one of my very favorite pieces to play on the piano. It is just pure fun. Arranged, over 20 years ago, it still stands as the arrangement that was hardest for me to finish. It was a 6 month process to get the arrangement to finally feel right. My young family sure felt the pain of it! (We were living in a tiny house with a little upright piano in the struggling early days of my music career). This arrangement carries a soft spot in my heart as it brings back happy memories of those early years.” – Jon Schmidt

Light Show courtesy of and thanks to:
Production/Controls: Jason Ellsworth and Kyle Ottman http://AlpenglowAnimated.com
Electrical and Lighting: Drew Buck http://NightVisioninc.com
Additional Programming: Tom BetGeorge http://MagicalLightShows.com

YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! Thanks for lighting up our lives! 😉

And AN EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Richardson and Smart families for lending their incredible homes for this light show and lending so much joy to thousands who park and watch them each year. (Also many thanks to their neighbors for putting up with Jon’s racket! 🙂

To see the show: 1731 Hidden Valley Club Dr, Sandy, Utah


I Saw Three Ships (traditional) arranged and performed by Jon Scdmidt
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios, Utah
Video produced and filmed by Paul Anderson and Shaye Scott
Extra Drone Pilot: Ted Campbell
Video edited by Shaye Scott

Sold out

Sold out