Where We Call Home

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About “Home”

We get asked all the time, ‘How do you like touring?’ We love it. We especially love meeting the people who have been listening, sharing, and supporting our music. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have, thanks to you. But as we travel along with our equipment, checked luggage, cellos, and carry-on bags we carry a feeling that never gets checked away. We miss our family. We miss home. When we first heard Phillip Phillips’ “Home” we couldn’t help but be emotionally drawn to it…

We started arranging this tune by slowing it way down…then speeding it way up…then splitting the difference until it laid into just the right tempo. Once we had the right feel it flowed. Jon’s piano licks especially shined in this arrangement — lending the energy we needed to portray the feeling of heading home after a long journey. The lyrical, placid cello melodies represent a fatigued serenity. The last chorus is the sound of what we feel when we see our families after a long tour — the familiar smells, the familiar smiles, and the incomparable feeling of belonging.

We love to incorporate classical music highlights into our pop song arrangements. We hope you recognize this one — it fell into place on its own because the melody is the sound of yearning for home and because of the tune’s nickname. It is one of the greatest classical “folk” melodies ever written — the Largo theme from Antonín Dvořák’s “New World Symphony.” A student of Dvořák’s later adapted this melody into a vocal arrangement entitled “Goin’ Home.” The two melodies together made us think that Phillips and Dvořák would have made great road trip buddies.
You can hear a version of the original symphony’s 2nd movement HERE and a version of the spiritual-like vocal adaptation HERE.

One of our filming locations was a big wide-open pasture brimming with roaming cattle. While we were filming, every single cow went to the nethermost part of the pasture. Apparently cows aren’t big fans of Phillip Phillips…or maybe it was the piano that made them mooooove (sorry, couldn’t resist). Steve tried calling them back using a highly sophisticated cow call — the cello. They came running. We got part of it on behind the scenes — stay tuned for the cello cow call video!

We want to thank Breck Dockstader, his family, and the Cliff Rose Lodge for helping us with the locations of this video. Breck hung out with us the entire time ensuring we had everything we needed – he helped move the piano, offered location options, and even let us stay in his family’s lodge. We’d like to dedicate this video to his father Dale Dockstader, whom we consider a very special “fan” and whom we all felt was enjoying the video shoot with us, but from the best vantage point of all.

Filmed in the town of Springdale, Utah bordering Zion National Park.

If you’ve read this far in the description you’re invited over to dinner at Paul’s Home. Please bring an appetizer. (Let us know in the comments what you’ll be bringing…:-).


“Home” written by GREG HOLDEN and ANDREW PEARSON and performed by Phillip Phillips
Inspired by the melody from the Largo (2nd) movement from Antonín Dvořák
“New World Symphony” (Symphony No. 9 in E Minor) written in 1893, later adapted into a spiritual-like song entitled “Goin’ Home” by William Arms Fisher
ThePianoGuys arrangement produced by Jon Schmidt and written by Al van der Beek, Jon Schmidt, and Steven Sharp Nelson
Performed by
Jon Schmidt: Piano, vocals
Steven Sharp Nelson: Cello, cello-percussion, percussion, vocals
Al van der Beek: vocals, percussion
Piano recorded by Jake Bowen at Big Idea Studios in Utah, U.S.A.
All else recorded, mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios in Utah, U.S.A.
Video produced by Paul Anderson
Video filmed by Shaye Scott; edited by Paul Anderson and Shaye Scott
Piano Stunt Coordinator: Jeremy Crawford

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