1: Will there still be an All Access?

Yes! We will be moving back to the Facebook page and making access free to EVERYONE. We are experiencing a “Piano Guys Renaissance” or as Jon lovingly calls it, “TPG 2.0" As part of that, we are going to focus on delivering a LOT more music to you and feel that is important that we share the content we DO produce with EVERYONE by popular demand! There will still be BTS, and early video access, live videos etc, and you can experience those on the Facebook page.

2: Can I still use the app?

Yes! The app will still be around, in addition to the Facebook page. We’ll post identical content to both the platforms, and you can feel free to use what platform you like best.

3: My subscription just renewed for another year! Can I get a refund?

Absolutely. Please email  with a refund request, and we will process that as soon as we can. Please DO NOT dispute any charges to your card as that will make depositing a refund harder. If you HAVE been billed recently and would still like to support The Piano Guys with that payment, no need to reach out, and THANK YOU!

4: Can I still support The Piano Guys?

Of course! Your donations and contributions mean SO much to us and help us to continue to make music and videos. If you’d like to continue to support us, you can do so here:

5: Can I join the Facebook Group?

YES! Join us here: