No Such Thing As “Luck”

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the bend and we all feel like we could use a little more luck right?  So we put on our hopeful green colors and set out on our adventure to seek out that elusive rainbow and the treasure it bestows.  So where do you think all of the magic comes from for ThePianoGuys?  Well you are in for a real exciting journey through a day in the life of filming for ThePianoGuys.  Do you see the two pictures?  Read on to discover what the miracle is between their vast contrast of luscious green and middle of winter brown.
thepianoguy-noluckThePianoGuys: No Such Thing As “Luck”
“In our line of work, we don’t believe in “luck.”  We don’t really believe in “coincidences” either.  We believe in miracles.  How could we believe in anything else?  We’re middle-aged dads from Utah that don’t look like people you’d see as “stars.” And we play classically influenced, instrumental music. And we film nature scenes.  Not exactly Hollywood’s idea of a wham-bam business plan for success these days, is it?
We can only come up with one explanation: The success of ThePianoGuys is a miracle. And it’s not just one miracle; it’s been a medley of miracles – a collection of real life, practical yet impractical events that have made TPG possible.  It’s been people who have been our “angels.”  It’s been stories of last-minute saves we’ll never forget. In fact, every single song we’ve written and each and every video we’ve filmed has had at least one empirical miracle tied to it. More often many.
Take our music video Lord of the Rings, for instance. It was less than 24 hours before we had to shoot our video.  We could not postpone it.  But we had no place to film.  Every potential place had fallen through last-minute or had been covered by an unexpected snowstorm.  We were left with no options.  The abrupt and unforgiving frigid weather had also morphed nearly every green tree into an obscure, drab brown.  We so desperately needed green.
Paul Anderson was driving along a road in Southern Utah with his family when out of the corner of his eye he spotted a grove of trees just off to the side of the road.  The vibrant and vivid colors are what caught his attention.  Green!  The grove looked to be veritably untouched by the onset of winter.  Just a few paces off the road Paul and his family stepped into a different world.  The trees and brush were so uncharacteristically set that it was as though they had been transplanted there from Middle Earth itself.  The stream that ran through the grove wove a final golden thread of serenity that made the location seem miles away from the busy road it mocked just meters away.  The following day we had a window of two hours to film when the light broke through the trees just right.  For us in those two hours it was a piece of heaven on Earth.
A few days later Paul returned to the spot, still curious why he had never noticed it before. The reason became clear. The spot was nothing but a collection of dead underbrush, sad trees, and a dried-up creek. Our miracle had an expiration date just past when we needed it most, as many miracles tend to.  Some may chalk up the “magic” grove as a coincidence or timely luck. We know it to be a gift from a loving Father in Heaven who cares deeply for all His children on the Earth – even a bunch of “guys” with classical instruments looking to shoot a YouTube video in a green grove during wintertime.”