Make Music Great Again

Posted on November 07 2017

Make Music Great Again

Make Music Great Again

So…Trump won. And like any candidate he’s gotta lotta promises to keep. No matter who won, we’ve got some great things going on in the world but there will always be things that could use some “great-ifying.”

Here’s a deep thought to ponder:

Is the success of music contingent upon its society or is the success of society continent upon in its music? Whoa. I know. Heavy.

Consider this:

Ever had that moment when you hear a child singing to him or herself nearby — almost absent-mindedly — like they’ve inadvertently hit a switch somewhere in their head that activates a self-produced, personal Pandora station? I love tuning in — secretly so they don’t stop when they see me. It makes me smile. Especially when they get the lyrics wrong.

“I can see clearly now that Lorraine is gone.” Or “This is the dawning of the age of asparagus…”

Then there are those moments when they get the lyrics right, but you wish they hadn’t. My oldest son recently had his self-singing station up and running one morning and as I listened he sang a line that mortified me. It made me ill. It was something he would never in a million years think to say of his own volition. Where did he hear THAT lyric? Why was he listening to that song? Let’s face it. One way or another, unless we lock our kids in a cavernous tuneless cellar, some radio station somewhere playing some sleazy song will find its way into the ear canals and, therefore, the prefrontal-lobe playlists of our kids. Even though my son repeated those lyrics innocently, I couldn’t help but be concerned about the subtle consequences.

Words are powerful. Put them to music and they’re many times more likely to stick. Sticky words affect our moods, thoughts, and actions a great deal more than we give them credit. Our words and actions become habit. And our collective habits are the hinges upon which society swings. Think about it.

Because of this wouldn’t it be better to hear more positive lyrics on the radio? To make radio music as “great” as we can? Music with words that get us looking up and looking forward rather than down and back. Hey, we could all use a little more positivity, couldn’t we? Especially since political mud-slinging has had its hog-share of the airwaves lately! Yick!

Here’s the part where we can all do something about it. We (TPG) are working hard to get our recent release, “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” playing on radio stations. It’s a song about not letting doubt, fear, negativity
and bad news control our life, but instead, having faith that everything is “gonna be okay.” A great outlook is our best hope at making anything “great again.”

We just had a break-through. It just hit Sirius radio! But now we need your help.

Each of us, together, can have more control over what’s on the radio than we realize. When a song first hits radio the “spinsters” watch to see if the song’s sales go up — a simple indicator that it’s something people want to hear. If sales go up, the song plays on. They’re watching “Okay” right now!

If you want more positive content on the radio and lyrics you’d be happy to hear kids singing, now’s your chance to “vote.” (Sorry, I know that word might be a soft spot right now.) Click one of the buttons below to buy the $1.29 single “It’s Gonna Be Okay.” When you do, you cast your “vote” in support of singable lyrics and more uplifting content that, in turn, lift society to a higher level of “greater” habits!

Please don’t forget to share this page! After all, we’re “stronger together!”

We know you can listen to it for free in lots of places. Thank you for your willingness to weigh in!

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