Light The World Special Guests

#LightTheWorld LIVE Concert with The Piano Guys and Friends

#LightTheWorld is a worldwide effort to share the light of Jesus Christ through serving, lifting, and helping others. Learn more here: Our LIVE Christmas concert with Special Guests was held Dec. 12th @ 5:00 PM EST from YouTube New York. Watch and Share the event with your friends and help #LightTheWorld – Merry Christmas

I Saw Three Ships - The Piano Guys

88 Piano Keys Control 500,000 Christmas Lights! I Saw Three Ships – The Piano Guys

“I Saw 3 Ships is one of my very favorite pieces to play on the piano. It is just pure fun. Arranged, over 20 years ago, it still stands as the arrangement that was hardest for me to finish. It was a 6 month process to get the arrangement to finally feel right.” – Jon Schmidt

O Holy Night / Ave Maria - The Piano Guys

O Holy Night / Ave Maria

O Holy Night has graced Christmas for 170 years since its inception. It has earned a place among the greatest carols of all time. But such fame can breed vapid familiarity. 170 years of airtime can acclimate the ear so much that we may not feel the Holiness of O Holy Night as perhaps we once did. Unless, perhaps, its transcendent lyrics were cast into a new mold? A mold created by, none other than, J.S. Bach.

Ode To Joy To The World (With Choir & Bell Ringers) The Piano Guys

Life is about joy. So why do we tend to let life get in the way of joy? We’ve been through a great deal of ups and downs, drastic changes, and even tragedies this past year.

Flicker - The Piano Guys

Niall Horan – Flicker (Piano/Cello) filmed on iPhone X

We challenged ourselves to conceptualize, write, record, mix and master “Flicker” in less than 24 hours. We loved the chorus melody and felt there was tremendously emotional capacity in the longing built into the lyrics, which the cello and piano mimic in a musical give and take.