New Video! Indiana Jones and the Arabian Nights

3 years ago we embarked on an insane archeological quest: To conquer all Seven Wonders of the World. With Music. Why? As Henry Jones (Sr) once said, “Illumination.”

A Message To The “Piano Guy” From The “Cello Guy”

This has been a week I never want to remember, nor forget. My heart is broken in two. I can’t adequately express the anguish I felt as I watched my friend, my brother, run up river, fighting against an ice cold current, shouting his daughter’s name at the stoic river banks on each side—straining his voice above the din of the white water.

“Fill Your Life With Good Vibes” -Annie Schmidt

Our “Uncharted” album release day is this Friday. We were planning on releasing our Indiana Jones video tomorrow, but we feel we need to postpone for now in order to focus on what’s more important — the rescue effort.

We’ve been so touched by the outpouring of love and support from everyone — the countless prayers, the social media sharing, the hundreds of volunteers at the rescue site, food donated by local vendors — the unselfish sacrifice of so many on behalf of Jon and his family. People are good. So good. As tragic as these events are, they prove that despite how the media and politics paint our world, the color of love and the human heart shine through everlastingly more vivid. No one should be a stranger when in dire need. We are all family.