Al Van Der Beek

Music Producer | Song Writer

Al van der Beek was born in New Zealand to a Dutch father and a Samoan mother – thus making him one of the first DutchSamoans in existence. His family moved to Utah when he was six years old. His parents instilled a love and appreciation of music in all of their children from a very young age, and despite the saxophone being the instrument he desired to play, he appreciated his parents’ diligent encouragement, and expressed his gratitude to them with all of the grace and dignity you might expect from a young boy, when he was asked to play the violin.

Singing in four part harmony and playing musical instruments came naturally to him, his four sisters and two brothers. In their home they played everything from the piano, to the flute, trumpet to the violin. As a result, he taught himself to play other instruments by ear. Al continued to refine his violin techniques and vocal skills by actively participating in orchestra and concert choir during his intermediate school years. He inspired many a young lady who heard him sing and play. What woman can resist a man with mad musical skills? Wait, don’t answer that.

In 2002 he met Rachel, and after only six months of dating she could no longer resist his superior dance skills – so, she decided to marry him. His greatest passions in life are his family, his relationship with God, music, gadgets & food.

Al opened his own recording studio in 2004 and ran it for several years before he went full time with ThePianoGuys in May of 2011. He plays the roles of producer, songwriter, sound engineer, choreographer and fashion police. He is an optimist and a jokester, and he loves the guys he works with. To sum up his outlook on his musical journey as one of the “PianoGuys”, Al say’s, “I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing opportunity. To do what I love. To create and share uplifting and inspiring music with the world. I feel this is truly something that I have been destined to do in life and I’m so grateful every day.”