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Peter Hollens Signs with TPG Records!

The super-talented, creative, voice-next-door Peter Hollens is debuting his first major album this week. We love Peter! He’s an approachable, family man exploding with vocal talent and inventive musicality. Since the beginning of TPG, we’ve wanted to somehow use what so many supporters have given us to help in the promotion of artists like Peter – artists who produce music that is value-driven, uplifting, and fun. And as we’ve asked for collaboration suggestions, Peter tops the list.

We are excited to announce that Peter’s new album is being released on our freshly established label, TPG RECORDS, in conjunction with Sony Masterworks. We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves – we are starting incrementally and carefully to be sure this is something that is beneficial to him and to you, our friends and supporters. We’ll still be focusing primarily on our tours, albums, music videos, and sheet music, but simultaneously doing what we can in concentrated ways to promote Peter and eventually additional artists.

We are looking forward to finding an opportunity to collaborate with Peter in the future. What do you think we should do together? Please comment below! In the meantime, we’re selling AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of his new album on our site:


Thank you for your support!


Music: Beautiful. Inspirational. The Piano Guys.

This article was written by The Huffington Post. Click here to see original article

Music is a phenomenal creature.

The power of harmonic sound provides an ever-present soundtrack to our lives. Through the greatest of joys and even the times of challenge, music – through song and sound – has the capability to unite us, define us, and undoubtedly, move us.

There is no group that personifies this more at the moment than The Piano Guys.

HuffingtonBlog(From Left to Right) Al van der Beek, Paul Anderson, Steven Sharp Nelson, & Jon Schmidt

The vibrant ensemble includes pianist Jon Schmidt, cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, producer/videographer Paul Anderson, music producer Al van der Beek, and others who contribute heartily behind the scenes. This group, who began producing innovative videos together in 2011 and were signed to Sony Masterworks in 2012, has taken the online world by storm. They have done this thanks to their ability to remind us that music is much more than sound to a beat – it is an experience. Through their reimagining of classical and modern tunes, inventive mashups that challenge the perception of what music can be, and original songs, The Piano Guys have garnered the adoration of fans around the world while earning critical acclaim that grows by the day. Now, after three successful studio albums and amassing more than 3 million subscribers to their YouTube channel (with over 500 million total video views), they have graced us with a fourth album to further challenge the idea of what can be done in the realm of music.

Wonders, released Oct. 7th, is the latest offering from The Piano Guys. In addition to new hits such as “Batman Evolution,” a compelling mashup of 3 generations of Batman music, the album includes established YouTube favorites such as their mashup of “Let it Go” (from Disney’s Frozen ) with legendary Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi’s “Winter.”

With the new album in tow, and their latest tour in full swing, The Piano Guys took some time to tell me more about what drives their music, and what has driven their success. Here are some words from the group who says that they’re just a “bunch of ordinary guys” whose story is “a miracle.”

Marcus: [To Steven and Jon] You have music that is being heard by waves of people around the world. Music that is inspiring people whom you may never meet. Knowing this, describe what’s in your mind before that first note – that first key or string – whenever you start a new song.

I think I’d be completely terrified if it weren’t for my collaboration with my ultra-talented cohorts, who I consider to be my brothers, Al, Jon, and Paul. The process of writing with them is, in itself, inspiring. But even more than this, all of us would tell you that we’d feel totally lost if it weren’t for prayer and trusting in God’s inspiration. We can’t really take credit. All the good ideas have been His. We just try to channel that inspiration and work and work until it comes.

All four of us really relate to something that Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) expressed in a TED Talk. She explained how historically an artist at one time was not described as “being” a genius but “having” a genius, which suggests that great ideas are not generated within the artist, but that the artist is dependent on some sort of inspiration (an external genius) that may or may not choose to accompany them. She points out in her TED talk that her acceptance of this idea took away the added personal pressure she felt to the incessant question of: “how are you going to keep coming out with great new creations?” She says that if she felt it was up to her, the pressure would be too great. But since applying this idea she feels she can just “show up” each day and work in hopes that sooner or later something will spark the inspiration train.

This is the kind of insecurity that we also face. But it is at least helpful to let go of the idea that it all must come from within. So yes we really do pray… before every writing session, every filming session and before every performance… for that spark of inspiration to “show up” for us. We know how it feels when it comes. We rely heavily upon our faith and upon prayer.

Marcus: [To Paul] The YouTube videos that The Piano Guys have published have garnered tremendous success. Walk us through the thought process behind these videos. What is the vision as you try to convey and translate the beauty of the music through the video format?

To me, the music is the most important component with the videos. My hope is always to try to complement the music or add to it rather than distract people from the feeling that the music provides. Taking these instruments to beautiful locations around the world definitely helps that. I get excited when I think of the places we can take a piano and cello, and get really excited when I know that nobody else has ever done it before. I feel we can do this for a very long time with the endless locations to film. Sometimes we will pick a location first, then the guys will write a song that fits the location; for example, the Great Wall of China.

But for the most part, I like to just listen to the song first over and over and while driving around Southern Utah and see what stands out. Once we find a location, we usually just show up and make things up on the spot and let whatever happens happen. We all contribute ideas on the video shoot and just have a lot of fun hanging out together.

Marcus: [To Al] As the Music Producer, you work with this vast blend of sound, melody, harmony, and more to help create the finished product. Talk about what it’s like to help everything come together into the unique medleys and mash-ups The Piano Guys are known for.

The studio is our musical playground. All of the sounds we create are discovered by constantly experimenting with new layers and textures. We love discovering new ways to create sounds with the cello and piano that people have never heard before and to do it in ways that have never been done before. Not many people know that all of the sounds you hear (with very few exceptions) are made by combining multiple cello parts and a piano. It’s very exciting to collaborate together and to create a sound that is unique to us. The Piano Guys “sound” is a wonderful combination of multiple and individual musical backgrounds infused together.

Marcus: [To Steven and Jon] You two have performed together for quite some time. Talk about the musical synergy that you two have nurtured over the years – not only in playing the instruments and in sound, but in mood, vibe and spirit.

Steven: What a blessing that Jon and I met and began performing together long before Piano Guys ever got started. The mood, vibe and spirit of any musicians performing together on stage make or break a performance. We’ve had a lot of opportunities to develop this “chemistry” over many performances, but really it was always there from the beginning. Jon and I are so much alike in some ways, and so different in other ways. It’s an uncanny balance.

I respect Jon so much. He is an example to me in so many things. I consider it one of my life’s greatest blessings to have the opportunity to perform with him. He is genuinely talented and so naturally gifted, but maintains a sincere humility. His sense of humor is the reason our concerts make people laugh. His ability to memorize vast quantities of note combination is the reason people keep coming back. We authentically enjoy performing together and countless people have told us they can see it, hear it, and feel it in our performance.

Jon: I want to say ditto to Steve on this. Sometimes I perform with other instrumentalists and vocalists and it hits me again how cool and special our musical collaboration is. It really is a remarkable chemistry. No one emotes better than Steven Sharp Nelson. He is an incredibly solid musician and also the ultimate entertainer. His wit is quicker than any I have encountered. It is astounding to see him react to the unexpected things that are bound to happen in a show. It is a great feeling to know that I am performing with such a “big hitter.”

Marcus: [To the Group] What can we learn from the journey and success of The Piano Guys?

The Piano Guys: If you would’ve asked us three years ago if we ever thought we’d be where we are today, we would all say, “No way!” There have been so many miracles throughout this journey that we could never take credit for any of this success. We have learned that anything is possible with a little bit of hard work and a lot of faith. We could’ve never done this without the support from our families, our fans and most importantly, God.

The Piano Guys Deconstruct Their Strategy Behind Viral ‘Frozen’ and ‘Batman’ Mashups

This article was written by The Hollywood Reporter. Click here to see original article

The Piano Guys are about to hit a very high note — 500 million views on YouTube.

So how did four dads from Utah collect over 3.3 million subscribers and debut their fourth studio album, Wonders, at the twelfth spot on the Billboard Top 200 earlier this month — their highest debut and biggest opening sales week to date? With a little help from Batman, One Direction and Swedish House Mafia.

“If a song really grabs our attention or moves us for whatever reason, a classical melody will weave its way in pretty organically,” piano maestro Jon Schmidt tells The Hollywood Reporter of mashing classical tracks with pop songs just as they hit the height of the cultural zeitgeist. “And we have 16 kids between us — we’re Mormon dads, that’s what we do, we collect children! — so sometimes they’ll come to us with an idea.” Sometimes they’re inspired by a potential music video location or a commissioned project (as was the case for “Pictures at an Exhibition”). “The only consistency is inconsistency in our process, as long as it’s spontaneous, organic and enjoyable.”

Once a cover song is selected, the group takes approximately two to three to weeks to write Schmidt’s piano pages and fully layer with Steven Sharp Nelson’s twenty string instruments. Of their latest twelve-track release, the trickiest one to perform is a blend of Dave Matthews Band’s 1992 hit “Ants Marching” with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” (which they ambitiously performed live on Today) and the most difficult arrangement was “Let It Go,” which juxtaposes the Idina Menzel song from Frozen with Antonio Vivaldi “Winter” sequence from “The Four Seasons” and has 25 million views to date.
“It was a really tough task because one is intensely minor, and the other is more like energetic major, and one connotes like an intense blizzard and another is an emancipation,” explains Nelson. “It was seriously schizophrenic, and you can hear that too, but then it was so cool because it was like her conflict. So the music ended up telling the story so well, but it was tough to get it that point.”
Unlike other viral online acts who hope to break out of the cover-flooded trenches of YouTube, The Piano Guys agree that they’re fine with their original tracks being inherently harder for fans to discover. “There’s a little stigma attached to ‘cover bands’ — it almost feels like you’re inferior in a way, so artists reach for original tunes as if it’s a golden goose in a way, or maybe it’s more like street credibility or validation,” says Nelson. “But we’re not afraid of that because when we take a cover tune, we’ve recreated it so much anyway, it becomes so original and so much fun for us that I would always want to keep doing them.” Still, their most popular originals, such as “All of Me” and “Michael Meets Mozart,” have garnered 14 million and 17 million views, respectively.

Schmidt compared their composition strategy to cooking: “You’ve got all the ingredients that you love and go to as a chef, and you create from those something new. I think our palate is really wide in the ingredients that we have in front of us — pop, classical, hip hop, any music,” he echoes. “Anything we’ve ever been exposed to, we’re gonna grab it. We never hesitate to mix that with that, we don’t care. We just throw it all in, especially the classical — I think people are afraid to use that ingredient, and we’re just like, ‘Why? It’s the most delicious thing to use!'”

Along with Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek, the group has upped the ante on their highly-produced music videos for Wonders, as they intend to film music videos at the Wonders of the World. “Putting a grand piano on the Great Wall of China or in Iguazu Falls, on a moving train or on a thousand-foot cliff with a helicopter, getting all the Batmobiles together for a video — I feel like I never get a chance to do the best I can because we’re always trying something new on the spot!” jokes Anderson. So what does it take to become a YouTube breakthrough? Says Nelson, “Do something unique. Be yourself, be authentic. Once you find what your authentic core is, you just have gotta have content quality and consistency.”

Thank You for 500 Million YouTube Views!

What?!?! 500 million YouTube views? A half-billion? A sixth-tri-billion?? :-) When we started The Piano Guys three years ago we were just doing this for fun. Now we’re still doing this for fun but we have 500 million YouTube views!

Even though this number blows our minds and is a little hard to wrap our heads around, EVERY view to us counts. Each one means so much to us. It’s something we never let ourselves forget — we constantly remind ourselves that this little Piano Guys thing has been built by you – one view at a time. Thank you for watching. Thank you for sharing, for liking, for commenting. Thank you for being a part of what we call “The Piano Guys Miracle,” four Utah dads playing instrumental music on classical instruments in nature — even just barely surviving on the internet would be a feat in and of itself, but to have this collection of views is nothing short of a miracle. That’s why we can’t thank YOU enough.

We love you!



“Wonders” is Number 12 on the Billboard Charts!

The Piano Guys, Wonders – No. 12 – The group earns its highest charting album ever, and the largest debut sales week for a new age act in over five years, as Wonders starts at No. 12 with 23,000 sold. The last new age act to earn a bigger opening frame was new Yanni, who saw his Yanni Voices project bow with 26,000 on the chart dated April 11, 2009.

The Piano Guys also log the highest-charting new age album on the Billboard 200 since Dec. 6, 2008, when Enya’s And Winter Came… spent its final week in the top 10 (at No. 9).

Wonders, released on Portrait/Sony Masterworks, naturally also debuts at No. 1 on the New Age Albums chart — making it their fifth consecutive chart-topper. The album also bows atop Classical Albums, Classical Crossover Albums, and Internet Albums. The album sold particularly well online, with 52 percent of its first week coming from Internet retailers like

Happy Pioneer Day Utah!

Happy Pioneer Day Utah! We are proud to call this place our home. See if you can find all 10 hidden TPG items.

If you’d like to learn more about Utah’s Pioneer Day click HERE


New Sheet Music! ThePianoGuys Simplified Favorites Vol. 1 (Easy Piano / Optional Cello)

We are excited to announce the release of our new piano/cello duet book ThePianoGuys Simplified Favorites: Vol. 1.

Perfect for the late beginner to late intermediate instrumentalist, this book’s songs include Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends, Home, A Thousand Years, All of Me, and more!. Pianists and cellists of the world: Unite!

SimplifiedFavoritesBuyAll of Me (Piano Solo)
Arwen’s Vigil (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Begin Again (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Home (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Moonlight (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Over The Rainbow / Simple Gifts (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Peponi (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Rolling In The Deep (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
A Thousand Years (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
​• Titanium / Pavane (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)
Without You (Piano Solo / Opt. Cello)

ThePianoGuys Are Giving Away Their Personal iPad For Hitting 1 MILLION!

Why are we jumping for joy?? Because we just simultaneously hit 1 MILLION Facebook likes AND 400 MILLION YouTube views! WOW! We wish we could give each of you a personal “thank you” — we know it’s because of YOU that we’re celebrating these milestones. You’ve “liked” and commented on our posts, shared our videos, and even supported us by purchasing our songs and merch in the TPG store. THANK YOU! This has been an incredible ride for us. You know what the best part has been? Hearing YOUR response to the music and the videos, meeting you at our shows when we’re on tour, and reading your thoughtful messages and emails. So many of you have said that TPG has made a positive difference in your life. That has made us smile – encouraged us – even at times brought us to tears in gratitude for the joy and spirit that can be felt through music. As we’ve read your words we’ve felt connected with you, no matter how far away or how differently we’ve lived, we’ve felt the positive impact you’ve had in our lives and in the lives of our families. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. We still have so much we want to share with you and hope that you’ll continue to share us with your friends and family.

We’ve got to celebrate somehow, right?? … Here’s what we’re thinking … We want to randomly pick someone that shares this page and send him or her OUR PERSONAL IPAD (pictured below), autographed and pre-loaded with all our music videos! We wish we had 1 MILLION IPADS we could send to you ALL, but we burned all our cash in the last Wonder of the World video. Click the share link below. We hope we pick YOU!! We love you! Thank you! We’ll see you next tune! :-)


ThePianoGuys Change Name to TheCelloGuys

After many discussions and much deliberation, we have decided to change our name to TheCelloGuys. Give us your thoughts in the comments below.


Steven Sharp Nelson’s New Album – Grace


This CD is a collection of Steven’s best arrangements and originals from his albums produced by Stone Angel Music that have sold over 50,000 copies worldwide. It also features original music he arranged for #1 Billboard Pianist Paul Cardall.

Tracks include:

• The Traveler (from Ephraim’s Rescue)
• Come, Come Ye Saints (from 17 Miracles)
• Lead Kindly Light
• Come Thou Fount (featuring Paul Cardall)
• Homeward Bound (with Marshall McDonald)
• Tender Mercies
• O, Savior Thou Who Wearest a Crown
• God Be With You
• Thanks Be to Thee
• All Creatures of Our God and King
• Be Still My Soul


ThePianoGuys Interview for Music Express Magazine

Students talk One 2 One (actually One 2 Four!) with The Piano Guys. This artist spotlight interview correlates with the student article and lesson in the May/June 2014 issue of John Jacobson’s Music Express magazine.

ThePianoGuys on The Huckabee Show

ThePianoGuys played Angels We Have Heard On High on The Huckabee Show! Check it out!


Angels We Have Heard On High (LIVE) On The Today Show

The viral stars are at it again with their latest Christmas album “A Family Christmas,” and perform their latest viral rendition of the song “Angels we have heard on high.”


Home For Christmas in Boise, Idaho

ThePianoGuys will be performing at the Taco Bell Arena on Tuesday, December 17th! Click anywhere below for tickets!!


Angels We Have Heard on High (Live) At The Winterfest Show

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ThePianoGuys – YouTube Music Awards Response of the Year

Wow! Our video Titanium/Pavane has been nominated for a YouTube Award! Voting is done by sharing this video (example shown below). Each share counts as a vote! You choose who wins, Thank you!!

New Christmas Album Out Now!

Our first ever Christmas album is finally here! The album features new takes on Christmas classics such as “Let it Snow,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Silent Night,” as well as two original compositions from Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.

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We also have 2 Christmas shows this year.

Tuesday, December 17th
Taco Bell Arena
Boise, Idaho

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Saturday, December 21st
Energy Solutions Arena
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Epic Piano Move


2 Million YouTube Subscribers!

2 million YouTube subscribers! WAHOOOO! We love you all!

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